Baku Marathon 2017

Baku marathon is scheduled to take place on April 30, 2017. The marathon race is held at the initiative of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and support of Seaside Boulevard Office, Baku Olympics Stadium. The project will be implemented by “SMG” (“Sport Marketing Group”).

“Baku marathon- 2017” aims to assist the development of sports, promote healthy lifestyle and bring people together for good causes. 

“Baku Marathon – 2017” will cover a distance of 21 kilometers, starting at the Flag Square to the finish line in Baku Olympic Stadium. Prominent public and political figures and sportsmen will be among the runners. 

The objective of “Baku Marathon- 2017” is to create a new culture in the sport history of Azerbaijan. The main goals of the event include assisting the development of the industry and encouraging young people to lead healthier and more balanced lifestyles

The marathon is not funded by any government organizations and the expenses are paid for by sponsors and registration fees collected from the participants.

We believe that “Baku Marathon – 2017” will contribute to individuals’ physical and mental health, and create a sense of public unity in a society where people engage in mass and regular sports activities. 

“Baku Marathon – 2017” will not only bring the joyous sport festival to Baku, but will also make the marathon fans happy with its innovations. Help desks will be installed in every 2 kilometers in this year’s race. Medical care, water and sanitary facilities will be provided in the help desks. 

We should note that the first marathon race – “Baku marathon – 2016” took place on May 1, 2016 at the initiative of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, under the slogan  “Win the wind”. The marathon, attended by Leyla Aliyev, president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, kicked off at Flag Square. 

Zemfira Meftahetdinova, world champion in women skeet, fired the starting pistol signifying the start of the race. It took a maximum of four hours and a half to finish a 21 kilometer-distance.

The award ceremony was held at Baku Olympic Stadium where the finish line also was. Namig Asadov (Azerbaijan won the race among men while Georgi Dameniya (Georgia) and Tural Sadikhly (Azerbaijan) came in second and third, respectively. Rahida Aslanova (Azerbaijan) won women’s race with Natasha Peterson (the UK), Ragsana Rajabli (Azerbaijan) coming in second and third, respectively. 

The marathon winner was awarded a prize of 3,000 manats, while those coming in second and third got 2,000 manats and 1,000 manats, respectively. 

More than 7000 people signed up to participate in “Baku Marathon- 2016”.  As students’ participation fee was paid for by Heydar Aliyev Foundation, they didn’t have to pay when signing up for the race. 

Along with Azerbaijani citizens, 500 expats living and working in our country also participated in the marathon. Heads and representatives of Spanish, French, Kazakh, Ukrainian, Saudi Arabian, Iranian, Indian and Czech embassies in Azerbaijan, students, sportsmen, some public and political figures were among the participants. There were even people who joined the marathon from Australiya, Germany, Spain, France, Russia, the UK, UAE, Kenya and other countries. 

Additionally, fan zones were set up for everyone in Baku Olympic Stadium on marathon race day. Various forms of entertainment including concerts and festivities, games and lotteries were organized in the fan zones. More than 20 types of entertainment were planned for both adults and children including football, lotteries, mini circus, animators and concerts. Every visitor in the fan zone had the opportunity to personally greet and congratulate the participants who made it to the finish line. A special bus route was arranged for the comfort of the viewers. Fan zones were operating throughout the whole marathon day.

Philosophy behind the logo

Logo combines in itself the elements that reflect the characteristics of the marathon race and the city of Baku. One such element is the wind. 

Wind is considered to be one of the symbols of Baku. Baku is not called “the city of winds” for no reason. Slogans such as “Win the wind”, “Follow the wind” were inspired by this very symbol of Baku. 

We believe that the slogan “Win the wind” will encourage the participants of the marathon to overcome challenges such as training, motivation and efficient distribution of time and will take them to the finish line. 

Another noteworthy element in the logo is the ribbon. The ribbon represents four values: unity, solidarity, positivity and healthiness. 

Light green – is the main color of the ribbons. This color symbolizes the establishment of marathon in Azerbaijan, as well as, conveying that the marathon carries a positive connotation in the name of health and unity. 

Strategic goals of marathon: 

Development of sports – building an audience for sports events and make these events profitable;

Promoting healthy lifestyle – encouraging people to exercise;

Attracting tourists – turning “Baku Marathon” into one of the most reputable marathons and encourage foreign sportsmen and guests to participate in it.


The values “Baku Marathon” espouses are reflected in the main element of its logo – ribbon. The ribbon represents four values: unity, solidarity, positivity and health. Every value the ribbon symbolizes has a specific meaning: 

- Unity – coming together for charitable and healthy causes;

- Health – encouraging young people to be more physically active and lead a healthier lifestyle by exercising; 

- Solidarity – inspiring people to engage in good causes; 

- Positivity – promoting positivity by participating in the race  

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On May 13, the Baku Marathon is to be arranged under the auspices of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. Held for the third time, this year’s Marathon retains its motto: Win the Wind. With its major goal of promoting sport, healthy lifestyle and bringing people in their pursuit of good intents, the Marathon will be organized by the Administration of the Seafront Boulevard along with the Baku Olympic Stadium, and Sport Marketing Group (SMG) acting as the executive agency. The exclusive partner of the "Baku Marathon-2018" is "Azercell Telecom".
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